I think the app was brilliant and I loved it. It was fun and motivating to work through each of the tasks.
— Student, Nordahl Grieg School, Bergen, Norway
This product, though in its pilot phase, seems to be ready to explode with growth!
— Teacher Navasota Junior High School Texas


Works on all devices

Mobile, tablet, Mac, PC, Chromebook. Web-based mobile first design.

Embedded content

Students see the content of the tasks without exiting the application at the risk of losing focus. YouTube videos, images and websites are embedded directly in the cards.

Visualize the learning

Individual Kanban boards for each student. Teacher dashboard with aggregated view of whole class.


Create your first board in 10 minutes. Intuitive user interface. Hassle free sign-in for teachers and students, no extra password to remember. Web-based, no installation.


Students collect Experience Points as they complete their task.


Contextualized class chat for each task. Private teacher-student chat and instant feedback. Teacher dashboard visualizes student progress in real-time.



Sign in with your Gmail or Google Apps for Education Account. All data stored on your Google Drive. Sharing and security based on standard Google Docs sharing.

Learning styles

TeanLearn supports many learning styles and both in-class and homework.

Project based learning

A dynamic and pedagogical classroom approach to working in and with projects.

Blended learning

TeanLearn supports both digital and non-digital tasks.

Flipped classroom

Perfect for flipped classrooms for reversed learning

In-class and homework

Supports both in-class and homework tasks.





Visualized overview of each student’s progress with direct individual feedback opportunities to mentor and guide them through the tasks

Learning at own pace

Students learn at their own pace, gaining confidence in their progress while still being individually supervised by the teacher


Increased collaboration

Encourages and enhances classroom collaboration and peer tutoring. Enables teachers to position themselves as mentors who facilitate knowledge sharing between the students.